Gulf Rubber Factory
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Rubber products produced from
100% fully recycled tires

Our Products

Rubber Material
Rubber Granules
Rubber Powder
Sport Rubber
Sports Floors Underlay
Gym Floor Shock Absorber​
Sound Control
Floating Floor
Underlay Sheets

Wide range of rubber products

Safety Tiles

I-Shape Paving Blocks

High-impact resistance, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Rubber Mulch

Kids Play Area Safety Barriers

Excellent alternative to wood mulch and gravel for enhancing hard landscaping.

Gym Flooring

Gym Floor Shock Absorber

Durable resilient flooring, crafted from a high-quality recycled rubber materials.

Specially designed and manufactured to absorb and contain the impact of bullets delivering a secure and resilient surface suitable for shooting training.

Ballistics Blocks.
Ballistics Tiles.

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Ballistics Tiles

GRF undertakes to ensure that its production methods employ an environment-friendly dry and effluent-free process.