Animal Comfort Products

Animal comfort mats

Animal Floor Mats

Animal mats are high-quality rubber flooring made from an improved rubber compound, ensuring optimal comfort for animals. These mats are non-porous, preventing moisture retention and bacteria buildup, thereby enhancing animal comfort, productivity, hygiene, and safety.

Colors Green, Red, Black
Size 1840x1220x17mm

Horse Side Wall Mats

Rubber sheets that can be easily installed on walls to safeguard horses from potential scratches or harm caused by the walls.

Colors Green, Red, Black
Size Roll 1.2x10 m
Thicknesses 3 to 10 mm

I-Shape Paving Blocks

Durable paving blocks designed to withstand impacts, suitable for creating walkways and cooling tracks for horses.

Colors Green, Red, Black
Size 200x160
Thicknesses 23, 43 mm
Other colors available upon request

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