Sport Rubber Products

Gym Floor Rubber

Gym Flooring

Durable flooring designed to withstand impact for gym workout areas.

Colors Black dotted with variety of other colors
Thicknesses 3-10 mm
Roll 1.2X10 m
Sheet 1.2X1.8 m
Interlocking tiles 0.5 X 0.5 m


Gym Floor Shock Absorber​

Durable resilient flooring, crafted from a high-quality recycled rubber material, is perfectly suited for high-impact gym zones, including areas with weights and barbells, and excels in noise reduction.

Colors Green, Red, and Black
Size 30 mm with connecting pins

Sports Floors Underlay

An advanced rubber underlayment enhances the top surface’s performance while safeguarding the subfloor against impact and reducing noise.

Colors Black
Roll 1.2X10 m
Size 3-10 mm